I recently (May, 2000) gave a talk on A scalable, fault-tolerant, distributed server architecture for Usenet news service at the SANE 2000 conference sponsored by NLUUG, USENIX, NLnet Foundation, and maybe some others. You can find some pictures from the event here.

I've also made available a variety of materials here on this Web site. Included are the actual slide set that was presented at the conference, the outline, and some other related stuff.

An abstract (which wasn't included in the conference materials) is available.

An HTML outline is also available, which was used to generate the individual slides (but is missing some of the material which was not part of the outline).

And, finally, if you want to view it in the original format, use a Netscape browser sized to 1024x768, with menu/tool/location/directory disabled, font scaling enabled... it looks pretty good even without all that, but it may require you to scroll a bit. Slide show.